First thing's first: we're building a demo. Demos are an important step in finding a publisher, and so we're building a working demo which highlights most of the major features of the game.

But in truth, building games is expensive... even demos.  Every sourced asset, every sound effect, every voice... they all cost money.  And if you need freelancers to expedite the game's completion, that takes money too.  We've got high hopes for The Lost Pisces, but we can only move so fast, and we can only self-fund so much of the parts and pieces which makes up a game.  So we're looking for funding.  Money sucks... but it's also a necessity.

Yeah, okay, I get it.  You want funding, and I want some amazing gameplay...

On June 1 2016 we'll launch an Indie GoGo campaign (like our previous Kickstarter campaign last year, but with a new objective, and a more modest goal). The campaign will focus on funding a complete demo, so that we can go to publishers with a functioning, well-conceived demo which we believe is key to funding and completing The Lost Pisces for you... the audience.  Click below to learn more.