Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new DEV DIARY.  If you're completely unfamiliar with how dev-diaries work, here's the general synopsis: video game development takes a long time, and during the process, lots of things change, because as a developer works on it, they can see what works (and what doesn't), adds new ideas, or adjusts the general vision for the game's characters, world, and story.  So to keep you updated with how the project evolves, the dev-diary can give a clearer insight into the madness of the minds behind the game!

I truly believe that games can be art.  While some games exist just to be "fun," (and that's okay!) others can have a deeper purpose, and introduce a new dialogue into the world. There's plenty of ways to tell a story, and this is just one among many.  Literature, sculpture, paintings, dance, cinematography, philosphy... they all tell stories.  Stories are important to us humans... they're what we are. Stories are what define us, and what inspire us.  When we leave this world one day, our story is the something we leave behind for those we knew. So make yours' a good one!

That said, Pisces has had A LOT of work done on it the past few months to enhance our story. More than originally anticipated, as we gear up for an IndieGoGo campaign designed to finish a playable demo that ANYONE can play (and we can hopefully use to get the game published).  So, while it's annoying, we're pushing the date back a three weeks to JUNE 1st. We want to include a lot of new enhancements we've worked out, and MAYBE EVEN a little peak at some HTC VIVE tech we've been playing with.

We officially received an HTC Vive Pre a little while ago, and we were increibly inspired by what it can do.  VR is certainly the future... if you haven't tried the Vive, it's VERY different from the Rift (in a good way).  The player becomes part of the world, as opposed to someone looking through a monitor, or from a static viewpoint.  It feels like you're actually inside the game.  It's difficult to convey just how different this really is, but it amazed us SO MUCH, that we had to push a little pit of Pisces into the Vive, just to play with a few ideas that would keep us up at night.  The results are something pretty interesting. So if you happen to be a lucky gamer who has a Vive, we'll release a short experience for you to try on June 1st.  It's not a whole demo, but rather a preper for the possibilities of introducing VR to Pisces.  More for fun than anything else... but still.

So lots of new changes, and we do apologize for the delay (and it comes as a risk because it means the campaign will occur during the time E3 happens... which itself will suck up a lot of press) but it's fro the best.  Hold tight... more diaries to come shortly!




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